Flea Control Kent

Flea Control kent


We took a call from a customer in Maidstone that has a flea infestation, she had spent quite a bit of money on products to try to get rid of these without any luck, the products you buy in shops are just not strong enough to eradicate fleas, so we went to our property and now she is flea free, we did call her back a couple of days later and she thanked us and said they have all gone.


We use safe and up to date products which does get rid of fleas with just one visit, so don’t waste your money, contact us first and we will come along and explain the process and we will have your home flea free in no time at all. We will also try to be at your property the same day.


If you think you could have a flea problem in Kent simply visit our website and we will be back to you in no time at all.


Rodent Control in Maidstone

rodent control Maidstone


We are finding that we are getting quite a few calls on rodents at the moment in and around the Maidstone area, we have noticed and increase of calls, but it is the time of year when we get more work for rodents.


We had a call from a customer in the town centre a few days ago who had noticed droppings on his floor in his kitchen from a cafe and he called us straight away and asked if we were able to come out that day and sort it out and we did, we were there in just under an hour and got straight onto it and they guy was very grateful, he said he could not afford to have a rodent problem in his establishment, it was a clean kitchen but like we explained it was mice dropping that we found on the floor and they will try to get in from the cold.


We got straight to work and called him a few days later and he said there was nothing to be seen and thanked us again for our prompt and professional service.


Call today if you think you may have a rodent problem in Maidstone or surrounding areas on 07724 461436




Bed Bug Control in Chatham

Pest CBedbug control Chathamontrol kent was called to a house in Chatham after a call form a concerned lady saying some one her children was being bitten by somthing in the night causing a red mark on his skin.

We asked the lady if any of her family had been traveling to far away places. It turned out her daughter had been to New York. This is a very common way of bring them back to your home as they hitch a ride on your luggage and clothes form infected areas like Hotel rooms and even Aircraft.

We identified the problem and set up a treatment program to eradciate them form her home.

If you supect you may have a probelm with Bed bugs do not leave it to long TO GIVE US A CALL.

Contact mark on 07724 461436 we offer a discreet Service 




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