Flea Control Kent

Flea Control kent


We took a call from a customer in Maidstone that has a flea infestation, she had spent quite a bit of money on products to try to get rid of these without any luck, the products you buy in shops are just not strong enough to eradicate fleas, so we went to our property and now she is flea free, we did call her back a couple of days later and she thanked us and said they have all gone.


We use safe and up to date products which does get rid of fleas with just one visit, so don’t waste your money, contact us first and we will come along and explain the process and we will have your home flea free in no time at all. We will also try to be at your property the same day.


If you think you could have a flea problem in Kent simply visit our website and we will be back to you in no time at all.


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